Welcome to Artifacts, a travel blog dedicated to the exploration of history and culture through stories, symbols, and art.  In the years since this blog was created, Artifacts has sought out stories from the past.  Stories you likely haven’t heard of yet provide a window into a certain world view.  One post may be about a sculpture, another about a church. Some of my posts concern a single important event. Anything that captures the essence of a moment, or a person, or a philosophy is fair game for a post.

Why write (or, in your case, read) about this? Well, I am driven by an insatiable curiosity about how people in the past grappled with the world.  What did they see when they looked at a painting?  How did they feel when they stepped inside a temple?  What gave them a sense of meaning and how did they express it?  These are the questions I want to talk about in my posts.  If you feel that same sense of curiosity that I do, then you are in the right place. 

In taking on this enormous task, I promise to put in every effort to ensure that my writing does justice to the people, objects, and events I write about.  I will do my best to ensure I am conveying facts accurately and promise to correct mistakes as soon as I learn of them.  I humbly request your patience, particularly in these early days, as I figure out how best to go about this.

Note that this blog is non-commercial.  Artifacts currently collects no revenue, though we may attempt to in the future to offset our operating costs.

I hope you enjoy your time reading this blog and thank you for joining me on this journey.

About The Author

JK is the founder of Artifacts, a travel blog dedicated to the exploration of art and culture.  

JK has been writing about art and art history since 2021, covering everything from Venetian painting to Khmer sculpture.  He is especially interested in the art of Southeast and Central Asia, two of the world’s greatest cultural melting pots with artistic legacies that remain deeply under appreciated.

Prior to starting Artifacts, JK had a long career in foreign affairs, specializing in international trade and financial policy.  Over the course of his career, he has lived and worked in Bangkok, Moscow, Rome, Shanghai, Washington DC, and Yangon, picking up four languages along the way. 

He holds a Master’s in Economic Policy from Princeton University and a Bachelor’s in Physics from Iowa State University.  


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